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our history

Lee Hedges PLC is one of the oldest Companies in Sri Lanka.

The Chamber of Commerce has identified its long standing membership with our Company since 1906. The History of Lee Hedges & Company begins in 1857 , when Mr. W.D Lee established his firm in Colombo to do business as a Merchant and as an Estate Agent in the premises at No 353, Galle Road, Colombo 3, which was then known as the “Colpetty Mills”. In 1866 J.R Hedges joined the firm as a Partner and henceforth, the firm came to be known as Lee Hedges & Co. Within a year in 1867 ,it had become so well known that the Company issued a copper token minted in England.

At that time the Company was engaged in numerous business activities-including managing and owning estates, exporting tea, manufacturing and exporting garments and etc.

The Company evolved in many business ventures over the years and had changed its name a few times with the change of ownership. In 2012, under the leadership of its current Chairman/Managing Director Mr. S.R Vamathevan the Company charted a new venture – it revived its old name LEE HEDGES and with the name

change in December 2012 become known as LEE HEDGES PLC. Now it had embarked onmagnificent plans for expansions. The Company has a controlling stake of 51% while the balance 49% is held by the public.

Today this has been listed as an Investment Company on the Main Board of the Colombo Stock Exchange

Lee Hedges PLC